The Adventure Of The Garlic Lover

One day

A guy went to the Gardening Centre and bought some seeds, little did he know that they were garlic seeds. When he went home, he saw that it was garlic! He threw the garlic seeds angrily at the soil! He hated garlics even though he never tried one. The next day, he watered all the plants, but he accidently watered the garlic seeds.

The very next day

He saw a plant growing in the place the garlic seeds where, he saw a little, cute, and tiny plant growing in that place, instead of throwing away the plant, he decided to watch it grow.

After that day

The plant has a white part on its stem! He looked closely at it and left to get some water for the plants. He came back to water the garlic plant, when he saw a garlic! He bravely picked it up and tried it! Suddenly, it was a dream! He had never realised that garlics were so yummy, in his entire life! He went back to the Gardening Centre and bought 50 more garlic seed packets and he rushed to his car and drove home. As soon and he got home, he immediately planted the garlic seeds and they grew and grew and grew.

When October came

He bought pumpkins and carved them, he even tried to crave a garlic! when he came back to the Gardening Centre, the shop keeper traded the guy garlic seed packets for lollies, the guy didn’t like lollies anyway. So he came home and planted more garlics. He said it’s like he’s playing ‘Garlic Simulation’. He waited and waited until November finally came.

During November

He picked all his garlics when they were all ripe and put then inn a giant bucket which was 1 metre tall, and 0.5 metres in length of the X and Z axis and the garlics filled the bucket all the way to the top!

On Christmas

The garlics lasted him so long that he even had ten leftovers! He bought more and more garlic packet seeds and then he stored 500 seed packets in a triple-sized bucket! He places buttons and levers around the fences to protect the garlics, whenever someone stepped on the buttons in and out of the fence, or pulled a lever, an alarm went off out and inside the house, and whenever that happed, the guy would always check the cameras and rush out of his house and defend his plants.

3 days after Christmas

4 criminals climbed the fence but accidently let of the alarms! WEE WOO WEE WOO WEE WOO WEE WOO! The guy rushed out of the house and quickly defended his plants. The war begun! The war raged until… the 4 criminals were so tired that they couldn’t even move their arm! The guy heroically stood in front of the criminals and said, “THAT WILL TEACH YOU TO STEAL MY GARLICS!” He threw the criminals out of his plant farm and called police to come and arrest the criminals, then he recovered the plants the criminals stepped on.

The next year

He looked in a book about garlics called ‘The Book About Garlics’ to see if he could learn anything about garlics. Then he saw at the back of the book, a rainbow, big, yummy, and legendary garlic! It said, ‘This garlic can only be found in the temple of garlics, but beware there are traps and obstacles there.’ He was off…

For 2 weeks

He searched through forests until finally, he came to the Forest Of Elements he searched and searched when he saw a big yellow mountain. He asked himself, “Cloud this be the Temple Of Garlics?” He gently dusted a limestone brick and it read, ‘This is the Temple Of Garlic where the rainbow garlic can be found”. He saw some blue with a 3 on it, and climbed to the top when he stepped on a pressure plate! He fell until “OOF!” he landed on the first trap.

Trap #1 and #2

It was poles, they were very wobbly so he jumped and leaped until he got to the end of trap #1. It was trap #2’s turn now. He had to avoid being crushed by the big limestone crushers. He ran and he dashed, but just ahead of him, 1 of the crushers was about to crash into each other! But he was too tired, the crushers nearly crushed him! Just as he was about to get crushed, he ran as fast as he could and made it! “Phew!” he said tiredly, then he sighed.

Trap #3

Trap #3 was a puzzle it said: ‘Find the buttons and press them in order, the order is: red, blue, yellow, green. They are hidden by their colour, and you must find the code.’ first he had to find red. He found some red paint on the wall. he looked very closely and saw a faint, little 7. He knew the first digit of the code is 7, and he now has to look for blue. He remembered that he saw a bit of blue on the temple. So now the code is fixed into 73. Next in line was yellow. “Hey! All of this room is yellow! How am I going to find this number!” He gave up now. He sat on the floor and wished he could go home. Just when things felt the saddest, his bottom scratched the ground by accident, he looked there and saw a 1! He was so happy! The code is now 731. He just needed to find green, he was sure that was easy. The text that he saw for the clue was written in green! He looked very closely at the text and saw that it was broken into pieces some where slightly more darker than others. He assembled and disassembled until he made a 2 out of all the darker pieces. The code is 7312! He calmly entered the code and he passed trap #3!

The rainbow garlic

He had finally found it! “I did it! I found the legendary rainbow garlic!” He exclaimed so excitedly that he could already taste the garlic, even without touching it! He took it of the stand but…

The final trap

“The temple is collapsing!!!” He rushed back to the start, “THERE’S NO EXIT!!! just then, “WHAAA!!!” the ground bounced, and he was flying in the air! He landed safely in a tree. He climbed down and went home.

The infinity yummy garlic

He took a bit of the rainbow garlic and it was ♾️ times yummier than a regular garlic! He enjoyed it and he never forgot about garlics in his entire life.

The theif

He came to his bucket to plant His 500 seed packets… THEY WERE GONE! He sighed and said, “Oh well. D: at least I still have my garlic plants.” He went to his plants but THEY WERE GONE TOO! All that were left is craters of dirt! He couldn’t believe it! Somebody stole his garlics!!! He fainted he spent: $560 on garlic seeds, and a whole year, and went to explore the biomes, and planted all of the garlics to just see someone steal all his effort and time!!!??? RIDICULOUS!!!!! How could somebody do that!!!??? He sat down and began crying.


He saw footprints! he followed them until they reached to gate. They stopped there. He saw more footprints on the other side. He checked his camera and saw at 3:30 am, there was someone jumping over the plates and the gate to steal his garlics. The camera said “THIS PERSON IS CALLED BOB BOBINSON.

Tracking down Bob Bobinson

Bob Bobinson went stealing and taking stuff such as: jewellery, cash, and also putting bombs everywhere. Until… one day, he was careless and accidently wondered into a view of a camera! HE was nervous and worried if somebody would catch him! Then, WEE WOO WEE WOO! HE was caught the he was put in jail and the police gave everyone their things that got stolen. But, he was put in the same jail cell as the 2 other criminals.


(But still W.I.P.)

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