Dad And The Haunted Hotel

WARNING: This story contains violence, it is restricted over 5 years of age.


One night in the deep dark woods the was a haunted hotel, and dad found it. So he went in. So dad saw a mummy so he fight it, then he saw a vampire so dad gave him a garlic. Then he heard a woo… noise, he saw a ghost!! That ghost gave dad a switch and dad pressed it, and out came a giant maze! But before you knew it the maze was done. He saw a bunch of ghosts, and dad fainted and now he became stronger than ever! And he call to his fellow good guys and attacked them! KA-BOOM! Then the ghost got mad! So he summoned a Minecraft ghost. So then Minecraft ghost spitted a fire ball at them, and they block with a shield and then… BOOM! They shot the Minecraft ghost with an arrow, and suddenly CRASH! It was king ghost! But… the fire ball hit the roof BOOM! The roof fell down and push king ghost into the lava! Victory for goods!


So… good wins! But just then, an earthquake happened! Dad said, “oh no!” Then… the ghost boss came and killed everyone except dad because he surrendered not to fight like others. Then the ghost boss put dad in jail, but dad had a shovel, and dug a tunnel out of jail and out of the hotel, and escaped. Meanwhile… three ghosts were burying the dead guys, and after that, they go to dad’s jail cell he was going to kill dad but dad was gone! But the ghost saw dad’s tunnel, so the ghost went inside it. Meanwhile… dad was getting out of his tunnel, but then he heard the ghost! So then he hid behind a tree, the ghost was coming to dad’s tree! But luckily dad found a hidden elevator on the tree, so he got in and arrived in a secret room. The ghost couldn’t find dad so go back into the tunnel. Dad got off his tree, so dad was walking and he didn’t watch where he was going and fell into a trap! He couldn’t escape, somebody captured Dad! I WONDER WHO!?


So, dad fell into a trap, dad remembered he had a shovel. So he dug a tunnel down but bumped into a wall “OUCH!” said he, so he dug to his left… and saw a button, so he pressed it. Then the trap opened! Dad was free, So he got out of the trap but, “wa ha ha ha ha” said a ghost, the ghost captured dad’s friend, “Help dad!” said dad’s friend dad said, “Oh no!” then, “Help!!!!!” dad had to go back, dad gulped, dad went in and saw that the ghost was going to through dad’s friend into a gear! So he was going to through him in five seconds! “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0!” Said the ghost as he threw dad’s friend into the gear! Just as he was going to fall into the gear and get crushed, dad saved him! The ghost was FURIOUS!  So he called the guards but, nobody came! The ghost was EVEN MORE FURIOUS! Then, dad tried to kill the ghost with a torch, but then the ghost blocked! So he came running out of the hotel so they hid in the trap. Meanwhile… the three ghosts just finished burying the dead guys, when, Arrrgggh! So they came to the ghost, the first ghost asked, “What’s wrong?” he replied, I WAS GOING TO KILL THE GOOD BUT THEY HAD VICTORY! The second ghost said, “Well… you can’t be too evil.” But that only made the ghost MORE FURIOUS THEN EVER! “GET OUT OF HERE NOW!!! Said the ghost with fury. So, Arggggggggh! But, “For so long my ghosts have been too good instead of evil, now they will all DIE!” The ghost said to his mind. Meanwhile, the ghosts were lonely so they joined dad’s team, so they joined teams. So they said “Evils will DIE” So now they’ll go back and save the world.


So… “ATTACK!” They captured the bad ghost “Ha Ha Ha, we got you now! He He He He He.” but… the ghost was still coming out of his tunnel. Then as they were going to kill the ghost with a spear… the other bad ghost grabbed dad and swung dad and save the captured ghost, and dad got his spear stuck in the ground! But… dad dropped his torch, So the bad ghost grabbed it, now he is going to kill the good ghost with it. “5, 4, 3, 2, 1…” the bad ghost said as a countdown to killing the good ghost “Almost!” said dad then dad got his spear unstuck! “0!” said the ghost, just as he was about to kill the good ghost… “Whoops!” dad said as he accidentally killed the bad ghost, but then… “Well well well, who do we have here!?” said a demon who just walked in, the good ghost smacked dad’s friend’s butt, “Get up you grouch, there’s no time for butt showing!” Said he, “Ha ha ha ha ha!” said the demon laughing with amusement, but too late! The demon just killed him, so he put the others in jail, but luckily there was a hole in the roof so he launch a flare, and BOOM! As the flare exploded, the ghost rescue service came, and rescue them, (including the dead one) and dad’s friend stayed in the hospital for one year, in that time the demon was busy working on a invention. After a year, dad’s friend was better. And they built a home and stayed there. But… the demon finished his invention, it was a cannon! Then, “FIRE!” Said the demon, but the cannon balls miss dad’s house. So they decided to go out and fight for good again. So there they go again, fighting for good, they killed the demon and gained his fork. Until one day,  a humongous lighting cloud came and zapped everyone! The lighting was terrifying! Everyone got bunted into a crisp! But just as dad was about to get zapped, he dodged. Now he’s on his own and of to save the world.


So a few days later, dad found a new friend, so dad’s friend look at his phone and while dad was looking too, a badguy captured dad! Dad shouted “Help!” but dad’s friend ignore dad because he thought a badguy called “Help!” to trick people. So dad got captured. Meanwhile, dad’s friend finds dad, “Uh friend, I got a problem.” “Friend? Friend!? FRIEND!” But, “Whoa!” CRASH! “Ouch!” OH DEAR. Meanwhile… the badguy go away so dad made a pretend statue of himself with some clay he found, and dad found some plunges, dad hid on the ceiling with his plunges, just in time because the badguy came in, and he saw that dad was still there (he saw the statue of dad). So, he went away, so dad escaped. But… there was a camera on the wall of the exit, and dad didn’t see it. So… ID ESCAPE SPOTTED said speaker, “WEE WOO WEE WOO!” the alarm sounded, they check camera TV, and saw dad escaping. So they sent MERV 35 (drone), so MERV 35 saw dad, so they check MERV 35 TV “ENEMY ID SPOTTED” said a badguy. So he launched units to find dad. So they found dad. “We got you now.” said a badguy with a gun, and “Not so fast!” said dad, dad whistled and an army of fires came and dad got a plasma shield. So, “Retreat!” said a badguy. So dad had to gain his own army. Meanwhile… a badguy takes dad’s friend for treasure “If you want treasure come with me” said another badguy, “Ok!” said dad’s friend. So… “You betrayed me!” said dad’s friend, “I trick you!” said the badguy, he fired a bullet at dad’s friend suddenly, “Not so fast! You’ll never destroy my friend!” said dad. The bullet hit dad’s shield, it reflected and killed the badguy. VICTORY!


150km north of dad… A magic guy was training, he was very angry because his manager only paid him 50¢ a week! He used his wand and BOOM! He destroyed the building! He said to the manager “GIVE UP YOUR GOLD!” He lifted the manager with his magic and started choking him! The manager dropped all his gold on the ground, and the magic guy let go of the manager and he CRASHED to the ground! The magic guy teleported off… Meanwhile dad and his friend where being bored, when suddenly… WOOSH! The magic guy appeared, dad and dad’s friend got into their fighting position… THE FIGHT WAS ON


HOI YA! Dad’s friend kicked the magic guy in the leg! As return from him, the magic guy punched dad’s friend in the tummy! Drips of blood came down from his mouth! The magic guy was facing dad’s friend and… dad jumped up into the air! He was about to kick the magic guy, but the magic guy froze dad! He turned back to dad’s friend and charged a spell at dad’s friend, it’s now ready! Just as the magic guy was about to destroy dad’s friend with his spell… “LEAVE THEM ALONE!” The sheriff came! “What makes you think you can beat me!?” Cried the magic guy, “Because we’re 10 to 1!” said the sheriff “Then where are the others!?” The magic guy pointed his wand directly to the sheriff. The other polices came out behind the magic guy, he didn’t see the polices… KICK! PUNCH! The polices brought him to the ground! The magic guy slowly picked up his wand and did a spell! rrrrrRRRRR… SHINK! The spell made the polices vanish! Even the sheriff! But then… HAI! dad’s friend kicked the magic guy in the tummy! PPPPPTTTTT! The magic guy spitted out blood! Dad’s friend jumped into the air, and… SLAM! Dad’s friend crushed the magic guy and the magic guy broke his SKULL! He died, and dad unfroze! Dad said to his friend “Well done! You did good! I’m so proud of you!” “Thanks!” replied dad’s friend. “Looks like it’s just you and me…”


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