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Dear Sweetheart

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Reader's Comments

    "Thank you for a wonderful book!  I hated myself for falling for a "Charlie"  Now I feel vindicated.  THANK YOU!"

     "Charlie was a quite a man.  I hope he's in the sequel.  I wouldn't mind a fling with a Charlie."

     "The same thing happened to me.  Have you been talking to my mother ?"




To the brave women who shared their stories of loving a man as described in this book - thank you.  




     Promptly at ten o'clock Sheila's lips brushed Charlie's forehead.  He said he'd be working late. Without a word, she disappeared down the hallway.  He waited until hearing the bedroom door close, then hurried to the computer. Thirty years of regret ended when the waiting  was over. He'd found his Norma Sue.  Eager fingertips typed the E-mail message created through the evening of mindless television.

     "My dear sweet Norma Sue,

     "Seeing you was all holidays in one.  Christmas, New Year's Eve, the Fourth    of July.  I will never forget that moment. I could hardly breathe, you are so lovely.  Your eyes are still full of mischief, dimples so delightful, your laugh infectious.  Just thinking of you makes me smile, something I don't do very often.

     "You can not know the joy I feel with   you back in my life. No more regrets. The boy loved you and the man does, too.  As soon as I saw you, I knew.

       All my love,  Charlie"

Days later:

     "Dear Charlie,

    "Forgive me for not answering sooner.  My thoughts have been filled with you.  I, too felt a strange attraction that shocked me when our eyes met.   

     "I must admit I never forgot you.  You were the boy I was mad about in school but those days were gone forever.  And now here you are.  And I am still attracted.  I don't know what to say.  I certainly do not want to hurt Sheila or damage your marriage.  Let's keep things simple, Charlie. Okay?

       Love,  Norma"

     It couldn't be simple, not any more, not for Charlie.  He'd waited too long, dreamt too many dreams of having her, being with her.  She would be his. No matter what, no matter who got hurt.  He'd do anything, anything at all to have his way.