Reader's Comments

"Mabel Leo - what a creative storyteller!  She blends whimsical characters, daring adventures, and ingenious surprises into the magic of Yahoodywho.  Each page is a  cherished read bound to captivate your imagination."

          Eileen Birin, Education Editor,   
Neelie Publishing   

 "Yahoodywho, an  imaginative child's story with an underlying message of ego and humility.  Colorfully and beautifully written to stimulate the mind of a  child with excitement and curiosity, a classic story for all children."

                Josephine Murphy,
                Artist & grandmother of five.

 "The island was so beautiful and I loved  all the animals.  I especially loved how  King Marcus tricked the Yahoodywho.  Very smart lion."

                         Afthan, age 12     

"My favorite part was when King Marcus lost his roar.  The funniest part was when the Yahoodywho took the roar. It was  really fun to read.  I always wanted to see what would happen next."

                                     Nora, age 7      

"The Gombolees were scary but the Yahoodywho was just plain weird.   Nobody knew what he looked like  because he was invisible so I drew my  own Yahoodywho on the last page of    the book.  Now he's not weird, just     funny-looking."

                                     Blake, age 10       









 Dingle Valley was a lovely place to spend the day, a place of lush flowers and plants encircling the small lagoon. 

Queen Nabla led her cubs to the Fan Tree whose broad leaves cooled the warm breezes.

Anxious to join their friends, the little princes hurriedly gulped down their breakfast of Dingle berries. 

As they dashed past the Queen, she snatched the crowns from their heads and gave out her usual warning, "Don't go away from the lagoon."

She placed the precious crowns safely away in the wide mouth of a Pitcher Plant and called to the other mothers to join her under the cool tree.  From there, they would watch over their young and discuss whatever it was that mothers discussed.

Prince Ticker and Prince Tacker's friends were waiting at the edge of the lagoon. 

There was Jimmy Jaguar, Tempi Tiger, Millie Monkey, Mikey Macaw,  Tadysus Turtle and his sister, Tilly, and Parmelia Parrot.   And, of course, Lisa Leopard.  Coming to join them was Bill Bee, Hebe Hippo, Dollie Doe and Dommie Deer.    

Prince Ticker waved his paw for them to gather around.  He whispered, "We're going to play a secret game today."

"How grand," squealed Millie.  "A secret game."

“Shhhhhhh!” Prince Ticker pointed to the mothers under the Fan Tree, "We don’t want them to hear our secret."

Lisa Leopard glowed at the thought of learning a royal secret.

Prince Tacker whispered in her ear, "Queens have to be able to keep secrets.  Can you keep this secret?"

"Oh," she promised, imagining the Queen’s crown on her head.  "I will.  I truly will."

Prince Tacker turned to Millie Monkey.  "Where is Sissy Snake?" 

Millie Monkey giggled.  "She saw a falling star last night and got so excited she tied herself up in knots again.  Her mother doesn't think she'll ever get the kinks out."

Parmelia Parrot squawked, "Better leave her out of this." 

They hunkered down in a tight little circle and listened as Prince Ticker whispered.  "The King has lost his roar." 

Startled gasps filled the air.

"Yes, he has," Prince Tacker assured them, looking very serious and keeping an eye on his brother’s funny left ear.  "We heard him say so himself."

"And we're all going to have to help him find it." Prince Ticker added.

Dollie, a gentle fawn, sobbed.  "Those awful Gombolees will come and kill us."

Her friend, Dommie Deer, raised his small head defiantly.  "I'll protect you."

"You can't even protect yourself, Dommie Deer.  You don't have your antlers yet," sneered Tempie Tiger. "What are you going to do, stomp them with those little baby hoofs of yours?"

"Yeah," snarled Jimmy Jaguar.  "We cats will tear them apart with our fangs."

"Those are baby teeth, not fangs," laughed Mikey Macaw from his perch high above them. 

Tempe Tiger glared angrily up at the mocking macaw.

"Please don't fight," pleaded Tilly Turtle, snuggling closer to her brother.

"Stop scaring her," snapped Tadysus Turtle. 

Tilly was a very sensitive turtle.  Everyone knew how afraid she was of the dark. She wouldn't go in her own shell because it was so dark inside. 

And she was also afraid something would fall on her so their mother fashioned a coconut cap to protect Tilly's head.  At first, the other turtles made fun of her but when Tadysus Turtle started wearing one, too, they all begged for their own.  Now a coconut cap topped every young turtle's head

"Stop it," demanded Prince Tacker, trying to sound kingly.  "We're all going to look for the Great Roar.  When you see the rest of our friends, tell them to look, too."

"But I've never seen a roar," buzzed Bill Bee.  "How will we know if we find it?"

"Simple", Prince Ticker said.  "If you find something you've never seen before, that's it."

Prince Tacker reminded them, "Now don't forget.  This is a secret."

Everyone agreed to keep the secret, even Lisa Leopard. 

Hebe Hippo suggested, "We can start looking right now. Let's pretend to play hide-n-seek." Hide-n-seek was her favorite game.  She always hid in the water and never had to be it.

"Okay," cried Parmelia Parrot, covering her eyes with her green and yellow wings.  "I'll be It first."

They all dashed off to look for the Great Roar.