America - The Italian Dream


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Francesco Paola Lo Vecchio

The son of Sicilian immigrants he came from a heritage of loving parents and grandparents who gave him a love of life. This  gusto for living is shown to the world with every song he sings. He's Frankie Laine.


        Susie DePinto

At the tender age of  five years she knew she was meant to be an artist. Today she runs her own business: a small but thriving design and print studio.    

Her ancestors gave her the talent for art, the ability to work hard, and a love of family: all of which have brought her a winner throughout life's battles.

She strives every day to give this rich inheritance to her children.



"I am always glad to do whatever I can for the betterment of the Italian-American community.  Your book is a solid step in that direction.  Good luck, Mabel."

              Congressman Sonny Bono - 1995

"Mabel Leo's book is a great idea.  I wish I had thought of it.  I wish I had written it!"

           Entertainer Frankie Laine - 1998






There are no Italians in my background.  I did not grow up around Italian families.  The only raviolis I ever had came from a can.  I learned about Italians from newspapers, movies, books which more often than not stressed the negative side of the Italian culture, rather than the positive.  Then I married an Italian-American and found a whole nationality of beautiful people I hadn't known existed.

That is what I want to share with you, the real Italians, all of whom share the same qualities that made me fall in love.  They are the artists, inventors, singers, actors, sports figures, business giants and ordinary families living ordinary lives you don't hear about, the Italians who make up a marvelously intelligent, friendly, resilient, outgoing, creative people.

With great pleasure, I introduce you to:





             Joseph P. Arpaio

Always proud of his Italian heritage and never forgetting his roots, he fought past the common belief that all Italians were part of the "Mob". He became Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, the first Italian ever to hold that powerful and prestigious office.



    Josephine Murphy

"My grandparents were born in ProvinceDe Avellino, north of Salerno. My father,Domenic Arace, came here in the 20s without my mother, my older sister, or my younger brother. Under duress and with great sacrifice he came to do something with his life.

He had no collateral, no money, no stock, nothing with which to start a little grocery store but he was ingenious."