The Saga of Jack Durant

Reader's Comments

"Jack was a real part of this town's modern history and this book brings him back to life. Though this is the author's first book, the swift organized pace is not that of a beginning writer. My thanks to her for writing it."

Bino Creighton, Retired Publisher

"Anyone interested in a unique story of Arizona should read this book. It tells it like it was."

The Late Jack Williams,
former Governor of Arizona






For 37 years he taunted and ridiculed his customers while they whispered, "Is he a mobster or, as he claims, just a country boy who knows a thing or two.

Making himself valuable to men of power, Durant cultivated a close friendship with the notorious New York gangster, Bugsy Siegel.

His associates used his talents yet his code of ethics and way of doing business were clearly his own. He played by his own rules. How and why did he get away with it? You decide.


  Though publishers and agents turned down my manuscript on this mysterious man, I was constantly asked when the book would be available. That's when I decided to find out about self-publishing.  Despite those who said no one was interested in this story of a local man, the book has sold steadily since 1996.  As Helen Gilbert, who co-starred in movies with Andy Rooney and Robert Cummings, said, "Jack Durant was much more interesting than Bugsy Siegel."  Who was this man who became the only man Bugsy trusted with his life?  Now you can know.