A Peek Beneath the Covers

Deadly Choices

Chapter One

At the end of Arlington Drive sat a pink stucco house, its upstairs window draped with yards of white sheers, entrapping terror behind a delicate veil.

"You stupid bitch!" Like a rabid dog Charlie snarled, teeth bared as he bent over the naked woman huddling helplessly against the wall, his voice tearing through her as she struggled to escape hard-toed shoes striking her bare backside.

"You want me to stop? Do you? Answer me, bitch!"

Saliva dribbled from her mouth. The hard blows continued.

"Why? He screamed. "You destroyed me! I lost everything! I loved you! Why?" He squatted down, grabbing a hunk of hair, forcing her face to his. "You dirty, stinking whore. One word about me and you are dead, sweetheart, DEAD!" Eyes wild with insanity, he threw her head to the floor. "Bitch!"

Footsteps left the room, moved down the staircase. The front door slammed. No one heard her swollen lips mumble. "Norma. My name is Norma."

Reader's Comments


"In this book Leo gives an intriguing look into a twisted mind & a troubled heart. The second of a trilogy it leaves the reader waiting anxiously for the next one."


            K. M. Griffin,



        A  new love helps Norma escape Charlie. She flees from Arizona to the safety of her hometown in Illinois. Charlie follows.  While waiting to catch her alone, he discovers a thrill more powerful than any he's ever experienced; watching a human being die.   As local citizens disappear, Norma realizes only she can stop Charlie.


"Leo's writing displays what a lot of writing lacks; a feel for concrete, descriptive details, and an ear for language, dialogue, - as well as a sense of place and time, physical details of the scene, history, subtext."

David Tell, Editor

The Midtown Messenger

Phoenix, Arizona